‘Hi I’m Jacqueline Coates . I’ve been painting for 25 years and I’ve developed a really easy way to get great results painting that anyone can do. I hope you’ll enjoy the chance to try a sample of my teaching for free. I’ve chosen the red pears lesson to start with its simple shapes. And there’s a free mentoring audio to support you in getting started. Wishing you the best of luck with it! Okay, go to it!’

"Create a masterpiece from scratch!
I'll show you how with my easy peasy FREE red pears e-lesson!”

Anyone can paint with the tried and tested
Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method™

You can learn to paint like a pro even if;

  • You can't draw a stick figure to save yourself
  • Haven't picked up a brush since high school
  • Haven't got a creative bone in your body
  • Are terrified of the blank canvas
  • Worried what others might think
  • Are afraid to give it a go
  • Wonder how to make a start!

Creative success is now at your fingertips

“I totally get what it’s like to take the first steps having been there myself. That's why when i was asked to teach others I came up with a very compassionate and kind way to paint that builds confidence at every step.  I take this approach through all of my teaching.

Be assured I have road tested my method for years on literally hundreds of students with great results before you even pick up a paint brush today.’


Here's what other Blooms students have had to say;

Now you can do it too!

Instantly download your free art lesson and mentoring audio when you enter your details here

Paint for pleasure, or paint for profit!

'Whether you paint for yourself, pleasure or profit,  family, and friends, or because it's on your bucket list, it gives you purpose, or it’s  satisfying to produce a work of art; PAINTING MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT! Enjoy success after success!'


Anyone can paint!

Learn how to paint with the Blooms Painting Method  in 7 easy steps.

I have developed a system of painting that anyone from any level of experience or ( lack of ) can apply to get amazing results. With the easy peasy red pears elesson I have chosen simple shapes to set you up for success.
Build your painting, build your confidence!

‘It’s what goes on between the floppy things on the side of your head  that also makes a difference to your painting.
Let me help you prepare your painting mindset with my free mentoring audio. Enjoy this friendly informal chat. I share my insights from 25 years  art experience so you don’t waste time.’

Getting started instead of stopped

  • Let’s have a chat with your inner critic ( we all have one!)
  • What to expect when you paint
  • Why the act of painting feels like you’re falling in love.

About Jacqueline Coates

Jacqueline studied as a graphic designer and became an advertising  art director  before being gripped by a +humungous and undeniable desire to paint in her mid twenties.

Wrecklessly following her inner voice and chucking in a highly successful international career to pursue the art path with 1000 per cent passion  she studied painting and drawing at University of NSW College of Fine Arts.

During this time she dreamed vividly of painting huge velvety roses and began doing so. In the meantime she found herself having a second child and confirming  single motherhood status. This wasn’t how the script was supposed to go!

Jacqueline left inner city Sydney to renovate a barn in the Barossa and bring up her two children and to paint, stumbling inadvertently upon a stupendous and independent dream lifestyle which then became the subject of lifestyle magazines. For which Jacqueline was very thankful as it meant she sold more paintings and established her reputation.

Shockingly, complete strangers approached  Jacqueline to teach them how to paint blooms. Faced with local students for her first workshop, she formulated an easy and sure fire method to guarantee a win for her students, knowing how a painting failure can be  a terrible disaster.

10 years later, Jacqueline teaches workshops across the country in acrylics and oils, landscape, portraiture, blooms and fruit, and is developing online teaching products. She enjoys seeing her clients move mountains and getting amazing results.

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